a Reimagined Bat Mitzvah

Welcome to Be Mitzvah, a unique Bat Mitzvah experience that reimagines the traditional model of this important coming-of-age, life cycle moment. Although Hebrew and prayer are integrated into the curriculum, Be Mitzvah shifts the focus to 3 pillars of learning: Mitzvot (behaviors/actions), Middot (character values), and Tzedek (social justice work).

Upon completion of this year intensive, participants gain a deeper connection to their Jewish identity and feel inspired to build a life of compassion, love and tikkun olam, the healing of the world around them.

Be Inspired.  Be Compassionate.
Be Socially Conscious. Be Jewish.

Join Be Mitzvah!

  • 1 year intensive weekly Sunday gatherings

  • 3 pillars of learning: Mitzvot (Jewish responsibilities), Middot (Character values), Tzedek (Social Justice)

  • Intimate and interactive group learning sessions with Rabbi Robyn

  • Spiritual connection and understanding to Hebrew and Prayers

  • End-of-year group Bat Mitzvah service & celebration

  • Monthly Community Social Justice Work

  • Synagogue Membership Not Required